The Fall of the Roman Empire

To Whom It May Concern (But Mostly Toller and Buck):

It is not with any sort of joy that I bring this news to you, but with a heavy heart that I even have to. This whole situation saddens me. Unfortunately I feel like I cannot allow it to happen any longer, and if this information helps to prevent those that I care about from being hurt then it’s just something I have to do. I want to preface this with the statement that I harbor no ill will towards this person, and am just objectively laying out the facts.

I’m not sure what part of this back story is really pertinent but I feel a bit of a baseline is needed. This all started quite awhile ago but the most recent catalyst was an unassuming Tuesday in the last few months. My current schedule for streaming has Tuesday and Wednesday as the only days that I don’t stream. I’ve been on this schedule for quite some time now, moving away from my old schedule of Tues/Thurs/Sat. My girlfriend was out of town on the Tuesday in question, and I decided that I would do a stream since I had been skipping streams for various things recently (I’m in the process of buying a house).

After that stream was finished I was made aware by a long time viewer, SPPD Discord Mod, and fellow streamer, PegsAlot, about how Roman had confronted her about watching my stream and not his:

Yes I looked and saw he was online. No I didn’t care. I shouldn’t. Him even thinking that it’s a problem is asinine. If I didn’t stream when others were already streaming I would never stream. I start later than most because I wait until my girlfriend is asleep. So of course he is streaming 2 hours before me. That will almost always be the case. In no way shape or form am I going to change my schedule based on whether he or anyone else is streaming or not and it’s a joke that he feels this entitled about it.

I wonder how many of those people that “refuse to watch me” do so because of something he said to them? As you’ll see later, this is not the first time he has messaged one of our shared viewers and talked shit about me (Queue the time he told his viewers I was shit and then I proceeded to body him twice: Who knows who else he’s doing this to, or talking shit about?!

Later on Pegs reached out to him about him being upset, he never responded:

After this it became pretty apparent to me that Roman was intentionally streaming on days I streamed. Something I personally don’t care about but should be noted since he considers that to be such a rude thing to do. Pegs and me talked about it a few occasions as time went by:

Pegs messaged him again months later:

To which Roman responds with this gem of Community support:

Then Roman, making sure to cover his tracks, messages Friar and tells him that PEGS is causing the drama and tries to gaslight his way into Friar being on his side. Roman blocked her after sending that message.

Notice how Friar hadn’t responded to Roman recently? He’d distanced himself from Roman already because of the situation we’ll talk about after this one. After no response from Friar he goes on to basically bring home the point that because Pegs didn’t ever support him monetarily, she didn’t matter:

Give him a PENNY and you mean more to him than someone like Pegs who is on almost EVERY stream…

He makes sure to let others know the hierarchy that he has created for when people can stream…

Now that should be all I have to say about him right? That should be my whole gripe is how he treated Pegs right? No. That’s not even close to the beginning. Pegs is bad enough as she is a sweet lady and an incredible part of our community. But it gets worse…Pegs isn’t the only streamer I’ve heard Roman cause trouble with because he feels entitled to not be streamed over, but she’s the only one I had real proof of. But I have proof of him doing other much worse things…

Enter Caffeinated Bean, the most sweet and bubbly little YouTube cos-player that could have graced our little game. She’s great for the community. And incredibly gracious.

Caff supported me a lot:

Also other people: Seb – 57 | Roman – 80+

But then one day something strange happened.

Something seemed off about this so I reached out to her (glad I did):

I had a hunch on who it was from the beginning:

He absolutely still comes to my stream, to drop his emotes, maybe 1 bit to get his name on screen and then he leaves. The same he’s always done. According to Roman’s own rules he’s never really supported my stream to begin with. In fact his dislike for me must be pretty apparent as people think it’s funny to use their Channel Points on his stream to make his name “I Love Glanzer” to piss him off.

If he did this to Caff how many of my others viewers that don’t show up to my stream anymore but I still seem to see around SPPD streams are staying away because of him…

Later on Caff did confirm it was Roman that was telling her these things about me.

Who knows if he is even on financial hardship at all, or if that is part of the guilt tripping manipulation as well…

Now surely that’s all the dirt I have to shovel right? Wrong.

I had this conversation with Oni after I was tagged in our #broadcast channel on Discord (we love a good Pepe):

Then CB flipped a coin on stream to decide whether to raid Friar or Roman…Friar won:

Once again Roman attempting to dictate who streams when he does:

Caff, bless her heart, mentions her mental health issues and he continues to play the victim. He was the one wronged here, remember. If you’ve ever wondered what gaslighting was….

I have since convinced Caff to block him from any form of communication, but she still feels hurt

I spoke to her about the above Facebook Comment because at this point she knew he had manipulated her, and had admitted to me she wanted nothing to do with him. But she was so afraid of what he would do if he saw my name above his, that she put his name on there too…

Caff is a wonderful person and it sickens me that she was treated this way by someone that she looks up to and considered a friend:

His treatment of Caff should be the final nail in the coffin, right?

Roman has been blocked from the main Fan Page for SPPD.

He was removed because he would make bait posts to get people to respond and then message the Moderators to ban them. When they didn’t do what he wanted them to…he showed his true colors yet again:

Roman tried multiple times to become a moderator on this page. When he was never allowed and ultimately blocked, he created his own group that would be “moderated better” (no one joined).

When I found out Roman was chosen as a Moderator in the Official Discord, I made sure to let Buck now my feelings:

I’m sorry I’m just now getting to the screenshots….

He’s known to be a biased moderator:

It’s literally a community joke/meme that Roman was chosen:

His past teammate (also a Facebook mod) also doesn’t speak highly of him. This corroborate the fact that he has misused his Mod title in the past, and brags to his team about it:

I can let you know who this is if you want to speak to them further. But it seems Facebook isn’t the only place he baited people into getting banned. The only difference is on Discord he got the power to do it….

He only supports other streamers on his terms:

Random Testimonial:

Just like my message earlier, Buck, I’m not asking or expecting anything to come from this information. But I think a few steps will be very clear for you going forward. Sorry again that you even had to spend your time dealing with this.

SIDENOTE: Since I have you here. You should reinstate Jammin into the Content Creator program. He wasn’t the leaker, and since Jammin was who banned Roman….If Roman at all told you Jammin might be the leaker and helped you make the decision to kick him out then you owe it to Jammin to put him back in. There are some Content Creators that don’t even bother giving back to the community and doing their giveaways. That is the only thing that Jammin wants is to do the giveaways on his Sunday streams which are some of the highest viewed SPPD Twitch streams out there.

Thank you for your time. If you want any extra information DM me on Discord. If you want the names of anyone not named I can tell you, and everyone named I got permission from and they all expect you to reach out to corroborate.

***CAT TAX***

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