Riddle Me This – Can You Figure These Out?

As a confirmed nerd and lover of puzzles, I went ahead and created a few riddles for everyone. Comment the answers once you figure them out. I’ll be sure to let you know if you are right.

Hey everyone. This post was written by my friend Ethan. Check him out on Twitter here. he’ll be writing a few posts from time to time so check back to see if he has anything new. I was able to figure out every one of these except for 7. (He still hasn’t told me what it is) How will you do?

1. Two big hands so dark and black. There is something that I track. Big face for all to see, so stop and stare at the wall and me.

2. Sorority sisters join the fight with the things that lose their heads in the morning, but gain them at night.

3. Hurry up… Shuffle your feet. Make sure no one sees or you’ll be forced to pay the penalty and be charged with me.  I’m only worth one point, but the price is cheap.

4. Assault is the threat, but this is the action. To homophones I admit; a certain attraction. If you’ve got a device this baby will work it. Just be sure to complete the circuit.

5. The perfect tool if you’re in the mood , this device makes my food, just like I like my women… Hot and Lazy. This is for those who are cooking crazy.

6. Against the dark night he hides his smile. How could he make up things so vile? A great detective lends his inspection. He laughingly avoids detection. Chaos is his chosen profession. He asks the mask only one question.

7. A.)Hair, hair everywhere until the poor bear is bare. It can be caused by old age, but cured by an herb. Jump into action, this noun is a verb.

B.) It holds my things while I play in the grass. It’s made of wood, with windows of glass. It may prevent your grass from greening. This one has two meanings.

(7.A and 7.B have the same answer)

So how did you guys do? Don’t forget to leave a comment with what you think the answers are and we’ll be sure to respond and let you know if you were right. Or if you get stuck maybe we’ll provide you with some hints.

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