Day 1-30 of Trump Presidency Election.

Hey! Below you is the first 30 days of a “daily” creative writing project that I’ve been doing on Facebook. It started off as just making some jokes about the election. After a few days I realized that there was no way I could come up with jokes every day. (Jokes are hard). So I decided to create a crazy story, written as if it was actually happening to me. A little sci-fi a little thriller a little mystery a little humor. Each one of these days was posted to my Facebook. At the bottom you’ll see an embedded post of the first one. I’ll be starting up the next “season” on Monday. Add me or follow me if you want to see each day as it happens. All the posts are public so feel free to comment. It’s more fun if everyone acts like this is actually happening to me. Every 30 days I’ll be putting them all together here on my blog in a post like this for easy sharing and binge reading. Hope you enjoy!

Day 1 of Trump Presidency Election.

California hasn’t fallen into the ocean. No acid rain or fire from the skies. It’s safe to say we didn’t usher in the apocalypse. Women aren’t in chains. No one deported. Still no wall. Will check back tomorrow.

Day 2 of Trump Presidency Election.

Well. I don’t FEEL any whiter… People are so excited about what’s going on they are throwing huge parties in the streets! Good for them. Facebook is a war zone though. People are getting real mad about stuff. Lots of people talking about races. I wonder who will win, I hope it’s a three-legged race. I was always good at those in grade school. Heard Trump was gonna try to stop Internet Bullying by censoring certain words. I personally think that’s ████████. Will check back tomorrow.

Day 3 of Trump Presidency Election.

The violence that some people thought would happen has started a little bit. 3 black teens pulled a white elderly man out of a car at a stop light in Cleveland. The man responded by nonchalantly opening his trunk and retrieving a baseball bat. When the teens saw the crazy old white man with the bat they fled. When asked later about his behavior the man said “3-1 in Cleveland? I liked my chances.” Some old pictures of the new first lady have surfaced. Michelle Obama had some arms but GOD DAMN. They are going to do a raffle, anyone who pays taxes gets a chance to win a date with Melania. I personally think that that’s kinda ████████████ and █████. But it is a helluvan incentive. I mean did you see those pictures? Went to the store today and all the Cheetos were gone. Will check back tomorrow.

Day 4 of Trump Presidency Election.

Sun still shining. I really want some fucking Cheetos though. A large number of females set appointments to put in IUDs concerned with their birth control options in the future. 80% of these women were triggered and fled to a safe space while waiting for the procedure when they realized it would require the Doctor to “grab them by the pussy”. They declared today “Trump Day” it was actually kinda fun. We all got wigs and hats. Everyone looked really ████████ but it wasn’t that bad. Will check back tomorrow.

Day 5 of Trump Presidency Election.

Some wack job scientist says that the Earth’s temperature went up because of the wigs. Sounds crazy right? He said some bullshit about the sun reflecting off all the wigs did something bad to something. I don’t know I’m not a scientist. Sounds pretty stupid to me. Trump said that even if that was true, it’s the reason we’re having such great weather. It has been a crazy nice November so far! No one else can find Cheetos either. What the hell? I was browsing the more…not public parts of the internet. Talk about groups of people trying to keep Obama as the President. It’s all talk though. There’s really nothing that can be done short of some kinda coup which just isn’t realistic. I mean we’re civilized Americans ya know? Will check back tomorrow.

If anyone knows where I can find some Cheetos PM me.

Day 6 of Trump Presidency Election.

Nice day again. Crazy that it’s still 60-70 degrees in November. Some people are still wearing those wigs from the other day. Kinda ███████ if you ask me. I had a couple missed calls this morning from an unknown number. No voice mail so must not have been anything important. Trump really changed his tone. Trying to bring people together. Seems like he’s trying to be more likable. Hard to make us forget that he’s ██████ and a █████████. But who knows. Maybe this won’t be as bad as people think it will be? Still a long time til he actually takes office. Will check back tomorrow.

This censorship is really ███████ ██ ██ ██████.

Day 7 of Trump Presidency Election.

It has officially been one week! Congrats everyone still alive. Congrats to the Earth as well for continuing its usual motion. Was kinda worried about that for a little. I still saw some people with those fucking wigs on. It’s kinda freaking me out. 2 more missed calls last night and a couple more this morning. All from unknown callers. Who the hell calls unknown anymore? I don’t get service at work so I never see them come through. Either someone is really trying to get a hold of me or someone is really trying to fuck with me. Idk. If they really wanted to get in touch there are so many ways to reach me. There was one voicemail but it seemed like it might have been accidental. Just some sounds that seemed like the phone was moving around a bunch. Heard a couple noises that coulda been breathing or sighing or something. Thought I heard something about staying away or something. Idk. I’m kinda freaked out about the whole thing.

Day 8 of Trump Presidency Election.

I woke up this morning and my Trump wig had fallen off the top shelf of my closet and was on top of my basket of folded clothes. Weird. Threw it back up there. I was finally not at work when I got one of those restricted calls. I answered and didn’t say anything at first. See if I could hear anything ya know? Or if a telemarketer-robot would start talking like they do. Couldn’t hear anything really. Then I heard. “Glanzer?” Faintly. I’ll be honest I was kinda afraid. Who the fuck is this? Seemed like a guy’s voice. I wasn’t sure what to say but I decided to just say “Yeah?”. No response. They hung up a few seconds later. Haven’t heard back. I keep thinking maybe that was a mistake…. They keep calling me til I answer. Then when I finally answer and they find out who I am then I stop hearing from them? Did I just fuck up? Been bugging me all day. What is going on…

Day 9 of Trump Presidency Election.

No more calls. After I answered yesterday I haven’t heard anything from the unknown number. Still seeing people wearing those wigs. Must be some kinda of protest or support thing that I didn’t hear about. Trump is appointing all sorts of crazy people to positions. KKK leaders. NBA players. Steve from Blues Clues. I’d say it’s ██████ but I think having Lebron(as much as I hate him) on the cabinet would be kinda dope. Him and his posse would really turn some heads when they walk into the UN or something amirite? Haha. Fuckin’ dunkin’ on Putin. HA. Hopefully it’s a distraction enough for him so my Warriors can win another Championship baby! Stupid wig fell outta my closet again. If I wasn’t a rational human being I’d say I have ghosts or something haha. I haven’t cleaned that shelf up in a while there’s probably a bunch of loose stuff just moving around falling all over the place. I threw the wig in one of my bags in my closet that has like winter hats and scarves and stuff like that, won’t have to worry about it falling or anything there. Will check back tomorrow.

Day 10 of Trump Presidency Election.

It’s funny how some shitty weather can bring people together. Republican. Democrat. Christian. Muslim. We can all agree that snow and cold fucking suck. And to anyone who is like “I like the snow and cold”. No. You like a 31 degree day with hardly any wind and a soft snowfall. You don’t like 20+ mile an hour wind with a negative wind chill and 5 foot visibility and snow that feels like a sandstorm when it hits you. Feel like putting on that stupid wig, maybe it’ll keep me warm. Trump’s like “See?? What global warming, it’s cold af.”

Day 11-12 of Trump Presidency Election.

Boy did I have a crazy weekend. Saturday was just a normal day really. Had some drinks with some friends, watched the Warriors play. 100% normal. I woke up this morning and shit just started to get weird. I woke up to someone knocking on the door to my place. I wasn’t expecting anyone so I wasn’t sure who it coulda been. So I walked over to my bathroom window which gives me a shot at the door. I see my old high school buddy that I hadn’t seen in a couple of years pacing outside the door smoking a cigarette. I put some pants on and walked out to see what the hell was going on. When I opened the door he tossed his cigarette and rushed in. Now this guy has always been a strange dude. Gun-toting, law abiding citizen type ya know? Big into conspiracy theories and survivalist kinda thing. We used to have crazy conversations about aliens and shit haha. I always tell myself if the zombie apocalypse happened I’d go find him. I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate me using his name, he’s “off the grid” so to speak. We’ll just refer to him as Micky. I’m sure you can all think of someone in your life like that. So when he started talking about the end is near and shit I figured it was just his normal old self ya know? But then after a little bit he just froze. He stopped talking. It freaked me out. Then he just slowly turned his head towards my closet. And man I couldn’t fucking believe it but that fucking Trump wig was hanging by one of the hooks in there. Micky freaked the fuck out. I did too a little bit to be honest. He told me we had to go and we couldn’t talk here. Like some Enemy of the State shit or something. I thought maybe he was on some sort of drug or something but he’s one of my oldest friends so I thought I would at least humor him. I put a coat on and we jumped in his beat up old van and rolled out of town passed Spirit Mound. He didn’t say a word while we were in the car. Drove me to an old abandoned farm. If it was anyone else but him taking me here I woulda been a little scared haha. All the buildings were beat to hell but one of the old silos was in good shape. He lead me to it and we stepped inside. And sure enough this motherfucker had dug it down deeper and had a little bunker down there. It wasn’t super big, maybe only 20 feet diameter but he had all sorts of supplies down there. Looked like a gun locker. Some MRE type food or something. A radio in the corner. Man I wouldn’t have believed it if I wouldn’t have seen it for myself. Straight out of a TV show. I can’t stay up any later. I’m back home now. It’s hard to keep my eyes open, it was a long day. I’ll let you know what we talked about tomorrow. He dropped me back off at my place. He gave me a shoe box. All taped up. Told me to take care of it and to hold on to what’s in it. After he left I grabbed that wig and threw it in the dumpster outside. It’s not that I believe what he told me it’s just…I just don’t need the wig. Will check back tomorrow. Stay warm.

Day 13 of Trump Presidency Election.

Sorry to keep you guys in suspense for so long (like anyone actually was haha). Another long day but otherwise uneventful so as promised I’ll let you know more about this weekend. Where was I…Oh yeah Micky and I were in his little bunker/silo thing. We sat down on a couple old folding chairs and he started talking. He said that this election was just the beginning. That everything that people are afraid of. Marriage Equality. Racism. Another Great Depression. Violence. War. Everything paled in comparison to what we could truly be facing. I kinda scoffed in my head at this because he included war in that list and what could be worse than war right? So I was bracing myself to listen to the ravings of a mad man for awhile and at least try to be entertained. He kept saying that most people can’t even see the real enemy. That no one is afraid of the right things. Then he asked me how many of those Trump wigs I’ve seen around town. I told him that other than the day everyone got theirs I had only seen a few every once in awhile. “Good.” He said. “I knew I could trust you.” The fuck did that mean? So I asked him, “The fuck does that mean?” but he changed the subject. “You like this place? Yeah you remember my grandpa passed away a few years back right?” I remembered. He was really close to his grandpa. Military vet. Fought in WW2. That’s where Micky got his rugged side. His dad’s a total pussy. “You sent a card. That was nice of you. My parent’s appreciated that. They haven’t seen you in God knows how long. They mention you every now and again. You always were their fucking favorite.” I interrupted him and told him that he knew very well that our friend Jackie was always their favorite. “Haha. Oh yeah. They love that bitch. She still comes over for dinner the first Sunday of the month. Anyway. This land is my grandpa’s and he willed it to my family. The rest of them didn’t know what to do with it and the land itself isn’t worth much with all these busted ass buildings so they passed it on to me. Figured I could make some use of it. It’s my little haven now. I even camp up here sometimes to get away from it all. There’s even some decent land to hunt on in the back there. I’ve made most of these run down buildings decent shelters too. Yep. Got all sorts of tricks up my sleeve here. I’ve taken all these years to prepare for something like this, man. But I never thought it would be like this…shit I don’t even know if anything I’ve done will help…” He trailed off here. His eyes drifted upward looking through the silo. It was mostly intact but had some missing chunks out of the top. You could see the clouds rolling by through one of them. I asked him what he meant by “never thought it would be like this”. He didn’t answer. He said it might be better if I don’t know. I kinda laughed at that. Like I’m not good enough to hear his fucking conspiracy theory? Haha. I didn’t push him on it though, if he wants me to know his wack-job theories he will. I wanted to change the subject so I jokingly asked him where he stored the beer. He smiled. Told me he’s actually 8 months sober and pretty proud of it. I said good because beer will be hard to come by at the end of the world. He laughed again and responded “Are you kidding me? If the word goes to shit the first thing that people will start making on their own will be beer and moon shine. No other way to survive it without going insane.” We joked around for awhile longer and reminisced a bit then he said we better get going before it gets dark. On the way back is when he gave me that shoe box I mentioned. He said to hold on to it. Take care of it. “Only open it when I’m alone.” “You’ll know when to use it.” “You’re the chosen one”. Okay he didn’t say that last one but that’s sure what it felt like haha. But yeah the typical shit the King tells you when he gives you that world saving artifact at the beginning of your quest like fucking Frodo and that Shelob destroying light-in-a-bottle. You guys see that flick? The box wasn’t very heavy so I didn’t bother making sure it wasn’t a gun or something. I didn’t really want a gun haha. I thanked him and told him to take care of himself. He said he’d keep in touch and took off. And that’s that. Now I’m here with you. Pretty nuts right? But guess what? Even after all of that. A crazy doomsday bunker with a crazy friend. That’s not even the weirdest part of my weekend. At least I don’t think so. Because guess what’s in that fucking box? I bet you can. Fucking. Cheetos.

Day 14 of Trump Presidency Election.

Can’t sleep. Everything is running through my head. I really can’t decide what to think of what Micky said. And the Cheetos?! I mean what the hell man… He really didn’t say much of anything though did he? Back in High School when he told me about different conspiracy theories he would go into detail to try and prove that it was possible since he knew I was always gonna be a skeptic. But this time he didn’t want me to know anything. Just that there was something. Maybe he doesn’t trust me enough… It has been years since we’ve seen each other last. So maybe he’s not sure if I can be trusted anymore. No…he obviously trusts me if he contacted me at all right? Why DID he contact me…. With all that’s going on I’ve kinda been second guessing telling you all what’s happening. It started off as just fun but what if there is something going on? What if I accidentally got myself involved in something I’m not ready for? And what if I just involved all of you?

Day 15 of Trump Presidency Election.

I got another restricted call today. I guess I just thought it had been Micky trying to get a hold of me before or something but I don’t know. Does this mean Micky is gonna stop by again? Is this his way of telling me without having to actually tell me anything? Or was it never him to begin with… I didn’t answer this time. Should I? I put the box in a safe place. I still have no clue what it means. After talking to Micky I have nothing but more questions. Next time I see him I’ll ask him about the calls and the fucking Cheetos. I’ll check back tomorrow.

Day 16 of Trump Presidency Election.

I’m thankful for my family that doesn’t talk about politics during Thanksgiving and that today was absolutely uneventful.

Day 17 – 19 of Trump Presidency Election.

Sorry about the long wait. Holiday weekend, you understand. I’ve also been holding off talking to you again because I have to admit something…I think…I think I’m going crazy. I wasn’t going to mention this to you guys because I thought I was just losing my mind but I can’t keep this to myself anymore. Remember awhile back when I said I threw out my Trump wig? Well…the next morning it was in my closet again. I swear to you. I put it in a bag. Wrapped it up. Tied it off. Then I threw it out again. But the next morning it was on my floor not in a bag or anything. I don’t know what to think. Am I going nuts? I threw it out the next few nights but it was always back the next day. It started to freak me out so I just left it in the closet. After Thanksgiving I woke up to it by the foot of my bed. I swear it’s like it’s getting closer to me…This morning I woke up and it was right next to my face. That’s why I had to tell you guys. I’m scared. What do I do? I don’t want to fall asleep…why am I…afraid of this thing? I drove across town and threw it in the trash. Someone is just messing with me. Taking it from my trash or something. There’s no way I ever see that thing again. No one will be able to find it.

Day 20 of Trump Presidency Election.

The wig was nowhere to be found. I did that salt thing that people recommended. I’m not sure if it actually worked but the wig wasn’t back so maybe. Does that mean it’s a fucking ghost? I feel like I am seeing more and more people wearing them. Is it connected somehow? Has anyone else noticed them? I was at the gas station and I saw two guys wearing them. I went up and asked them why they had those wigs on. And they just looked at me like I was crazy…then they asked me if I was alright and they started walking towards me and it freaked me the fuck out so I bailed. Been holed up at home ever since.

Day 21 of Trump Presidency Election.

I’ve noticed a lot less people complaining or worried about Trump. He’s kinda gone back on some of the bad things he’s said and a lot of people are changing their opinion and giving him a chance. I think I’ve seen less censored posts recently because I used to see them all over. I was sick from work today so I was bored and I figured out exactly how it works. And it explains why I haven’t seen as much. Anything negative about Trump gets censored. But just Trump. Not Republicans or anything. Just specifically Trump. Like check this out. Trump is a █████ ██ ████. I’ll give you a hint. It was “piece of shit”. Republicans are dick heads. Nothin’. It’s a kinda clever system though. You can’t just do something like “sh !t” or something. We’ve all done stuff like that in online games to get around their filters. It picks up on a lot of stuff like that. But you can always trick machines. I could say something like this “next sentence is false”. Donald Trump is a good man. But if I say bad man. Donald Trump is a ███ man. It gets bleeped. Haha. I’m just wondering how exactly Trump pulled this off. I mean it’s censored on all parts of the internet. That seems strangely powerful to me…and yet that power is going to what? Protect his ego?

Day 22-24 of Trump Presidency Election.

From here on out everything I tell you is in strict confidence. I’m counting on you all. Please don’t tell anyone else what I’m telling you. I’m in hiding. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to keep in touch with you all but my phone has been dead since Thursday night. So much has happened I’ll explain everything. On Wednesday morning the wig was back. It wasn’t in my house but it was in my car before I got to work. If the salt worked it was only a temporary solution, thanks to everyone who suggested it. I just left it in my car while I was working because I didn’t want to deal with it. When I got off I went home and burned that fucking thing. I even chanted some Latin although it was only what I knew from the Boondock Saints’ prayer. Whatever the hell it was it’s gone now. I fell asleep without worry for the first time in awhile. Thursday morning it was nowhere to be found….relief….until I got off work and there it was in my car again. Needless to say I was exasperated. I felt defeated. I give the fuck up, wig. You win, wig. I decided to drown my sorrows so I drove home and walked to the nearby bar, wig in hand. I go there enough so I’m friendly with the bartenders. I gave the wig to one of them and asked them to throw it out for me. They kinda gave me a weird look but they obliged my request. Then I started drinking. Too much probably but fuck it I was in emotional distress okay? I was just finishing a drink and debating whether to buy another or walk home when I saw those mother fuckers across the bar. Those same two guys with the Trump wigs that I saw in the gas station the other day. I was drunk and lacked inhibitions so I went over to them. I don’t remember exactly what I said to them but I was pretty livid. Calling ’em a bunch of wigged douche bags and whatever else drunken me came up with. If you know me you can imagine how colorful and insulting it probably was. Then, naturally, they got a little defensive. Told me to back off or else I’d regret it. Don’t fucking threaten me, bro! I remember screaming, “Fuck you and your fucking wigs” and then I reached up and grabbed one of their wigs and pulled it off. I…I…what happened next was…he just dropped to the floor. I’ve never seen someone in so much pain. I can still hear his scream. It wasn’t very long because he almost immediately started shaking violently. I was just dumbstruck standing there. What the hell is happening? I looked at my hand…and it was empty. No wig. I’m still so confused about it all. His friend was now on his knees next to him and he looked up at me and I’ve never seen a look like that in my life. It was anger it was fear it was pure unadulterated hate. Whatever it was terrified me so I bailed. I walked out with people trying to stop me but I shrugged them off. I ran the few blocks to my house. But I stopped as I stepped into the alleyway that leads to my door. Something wasn’t right. My lights were on. I never leave my lights on. I walked slowly up to my back door. There’s no light back there so I was standing in the darkness of my back yard just listening. I could hear someone moving inside my house. I could hear stuff being moved. I could hear what seemed like two people talking. I wasn’t going to wait around to figure out what was going on so I jumped in my car and just drove. I realize I shouldn’t have driven drunk but I was so amped on adrenaline that I was pretty much as sober as I could get. I didn’t have anywhere to go, phone was dead, so I just drove to Prentis and parked on the north side. Plenty of cars there because of the Sorority girls parking there so I figured it would be inconspicuous. I crashed on my back seat. I woke up this morning with no real plan. I didn’t want to go home, what if whoever was in there was watching my place? What if the cops were trying to find me to talk about last night? I couldn’t go to work. I can’t be somewhere that anyone expects me to be. So I went to the only place I could think of. The Silo. Luckily I had been paying attention when we went out there and was confident I could find the place. I headed in that direction. I got lost a couple times but was eventually able to find it this afternoon. I walked over to the Silo and climbed in. Just like we had left it. I looked through all the stuff that was there. The gun locker thing was locked. The radio seemed dead. There was a big plastic container that I either hadn’t noticed last time or wasn’t there but I opened it up and God damn it was like heaven. Some blankets, candles, no matches or lighter to speak of though, a flashlight, a deck of cards and bless the stars a portable phone charger. I used that to charge my phone and now I’m sitting on one of the metal folding chairs playing solitaire on the other one while typing this out on my phone. I’ll be sleeping here tonight. I’m not much of a camper but I’m sure I’ll be fine. It’s not that cold out and there’s no wind in the Silo…I’ll check back with you tomorrow….if I make it that far.

Day 25 of Trump Presidency Election.

I woke up this morning with another blanket on top of me. I looked around the Silo but no one was there. At least not anymore. The sun was coming up and I didn’t think I’d be able to fall back asleep so I just woke up. I didn’t have much else to do so I thought I would look around while I tried to think of a plan. The Silo is in the back of the place, in a bit of a clearing with some fields behind it. The rest of the place is surrounded by a decent amount of trees, for South Dakota at least. The place is kinda hard to see from the road, I bet that’s why Micky likes it so much. Towards the road from the Silo there’s an old house. Well not that old I guess. This place was probably abandoned in the 90’s not like the 1800’s or some shit. The house itself was in pretty good shape but it looked like some good wind had made a mess of the roof at some point ’cause a lot of it wasn’t there. Maybe that’s the reason they left this place. All the windows and doors were missing as well. There were a couple older buildings strewn about. One building looks like it might have been for chickens at some point. And the other was an old tool shed, even had a bunch of old school tools rusted as fuck hanging there. Kinda creepy actually. All of the other buildings were pretty run down, they were a lot older and probably had been left to rot long before the people moved off the land. I wandered through the trees behind the house for a little bit then walked back towards the Silo. I’ve had my phone off most of the day. I don’t want to run out of juice or drain this charger. I’m not sure how long I’m going to be out here. I still don’t know if I should go back home or not. But to be honest it’s kinda nice out here. I never camped much as a kid but always did enjoy it the few times I got to. The deck of cards helps pass the time. I’ve been practicing my sleight of hand. I looked through the supplies and found some bottled water with the MREs. I tried one of those things out and it was actually pretty good. I never minded school lunch or airplane food. So maybe I just don’t have high food expectations but it had beef stew and mashed potatoes, some bread and jalapeno cheese spread, cookies, and even some M&Ms. Those heater things are legit as hell too. 10/10 would try again. There’s a decent amount here, I could hole up here for awhile if I really wanted to. If I could survive the cold.

Day 26 of Trump Presidency Election.

Today I woke up to Micky sitting at that old radio messing with it. He noticed me move, “Morning sunshine”, he said without looking up. I greeted him with groggy words as I rubbed my eyes. I must have slept a lot better, the sun was shining through a crack in the silo, it was at least 10am. I asked him if he’d been there long he just shrugged still not looking up. I just kinda sat there propped up looking at him for what seemed like forever. “You seriously not going to ask me why I’m sleeping on the ground in your fucking silo?” He looked at me for the first time, “I figured it would be the first thing you told me.” That was a very good point so I started explaining to him what happened the other night at the bar, and then at my house afterwards. He stayed quiet through most of it. Only asking a few questions to clarify some things during the story. Mainly about the wig that wasn’t in my hand because frankly it was the weirdest part and difficult to describe without sounding bat shit. After I was done telling him what had happened he responded. “That’s some heavy shit, man. If you really feel like you need to hide out here then be my guest. This place is off the grid so to speak so you should be just fine. In the mean time…” He motioned to the 6 Pack of Coors Light sitting on the other chair. Just like in High School.

We played some cards, reminisced and had a couple beers. I was about to grab my third when he took it out of my hand. “Nope. You’re done.” I looked at him like, “Bitch I’m a grown ass man you ain’t cutting me off after two beers.” He just looked back at me and smiled. Then he tossed me my keys which I had put on the radio table. “You’re driving.” We got in my car and he directed me to his apartment. He still lived back in our home town near his parents. In a loft apartment above the old drug store. Him and his dad own a workshop. Never really knew exactly what they made. Something with metal haha. When we pulled up to his place he asked me if I still rolled with a change of clothes in my car. I kinda laughed before I answered, he asked because I used to do that in Middle School because I didn’t want to spill something on my clothes one day and not have something to change into. Never actually had to use them. I said I did have some clothes in the back. Luckily I have a box of old clothes in my trunk. They still fit it was just older stuff I never wore and I didn’t have any other place to store it. He said to grab something decent because we were going over to his parent’s for dinner. I started to protest but he responded, “Look. Unless you want to eat another MRE tonight this is what you’re going to do. I already told them you were coming and they haven’t seen you since you left for college and you know they’d love to see you.” I didn’t have the heart to argue. His parents were always great to me. I agreed and we went upstairs, showered and got ready. We jumped back into my car. Now that I think about it I haven’t seen his car anywhere. We headed over to his parent’s house. It only takes a few minutes to go from one end of that town to the other so it didn’t take long to get there. We get out and we walk up the sidewalk. The same sidewalk I used to walk up every day after school. I opened the same door that I’ve opened hundreds of times. And there stood Jackie.

Day 27 of Trump Presidency Election.

Okay. So before I get into what happened last night I just wanna say that I’m somewhere safe and warm. And in order to understand what happens you need to know a little about me and Jackie’s past. Jackie was one of my good friends growing up. I moved in 4th grade and that’s when we became friends. I joined a friend group that consisted of her and a few other girls and two other guys (Micky was one of them). But most of the time it was only Jackie hanging out with us. She was always kinda “one of the guys” although she didn’t really look it or act it. She was a solid 9/10. The kinda 9/10 that no one would argue about ya know? All the other guys wanted to get with her but she made it very obvious it would never happen with anyone. But we always had a little more of a connection than anyone else. We made out a few times over the years after heart breaks or too much alcohol. I was her first kiss when we were like…15. We talked to each other a lot more than anyone else. When we got cell phones we were always texting. Until her dad got mad at her because she was Alltel and I was Verizon. Thank God for MSN though! Other people came into our lives throughout the years so we were never anything more than friends. Our Senior year we were both single. We went to Prom together and got really close in that last year. We never really said it out loud. How we felt about each other. But I think we always both knew it. I’ve always kinda viewed her as the one that got away. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw her. I shouldn’t have been surprised, Micky told me she came to dinner some Sundays. But I just never thought I’d actually see her. It’s getting late. I gotta wrap this up. I’ll explain tomorrow more about dinner and that night. That will explain where I am. Thanks for everyone who checked up on me. I appreciate it.

Day 28 of Trump Presidency Election.

No real change in my situation right now. Still safe. Still warm. So back to Sunday night. Jackie. Standing in front of me. Like I said earlier I was a bit shocked so I didn’t really know what to say. Eventually she closed the space between us and wrapped her arms around me. Saying it was good to see me and she was glad I could make it. She smelled like candy. She always smelled like candy. Micky must have at least informed her I would be coming. We walked in and I greeted his parents. They were definitely happy to see me. Micky was right on that one. They always appreciated me helping out Micky in school. We had been friends for so long that I sometimes viewed them as a sort of parent. I stayed over at their place almost as much as my place in the summers. It was kinda at the edge of town so we could go on adventures in the trees and fields. And then as we got older we could throw parties as well with less fear of the police showing up. It was a dead end. Haha. Dinner itself was pretty uneventful. Micky’s mom made some fancy type of chicken. Green beans and mashed potatoes. Dope ass buns. She said she got the recipe for the chicken from some website that was all about how to cook “fancy” but still super cheap haha. And his dad is the epitome of a dad joke. If he says something that’s not a pun he’s probably having a stroke.

After dinner Micky was helping clean up and me and Jackie retired downstairs into the basement lounge area that we spent so much time in as kids. I hadn’t seen this girl in 6 years and damn the years were good to her. She’s one of those girls that when she figured out how to look good in High School she just became a stunner. And God damn fall fashion man. It gets me going. Scarf. Cardigan. Layers. Leggings. Ass. Legs. Socks. Boots. Something about it. Hahaha. Maybe it’s something about the modesty that gets me? I digress. Sitting next to her really brought me back. I felt like a kid again with butterflies in his stomach before his first school concert or something. She used to be the easiest person in the world to talk to and here I was not sure what to say. We had tried to keep in touch over the years but you guys know how it gets when you’re not in the same town or going to the same college. Eventually it just gets too hard. I struggle to keep relationships with the people I see every day haha. We started talking about all the good times we had had in that basement and how they hadn’t changed the place much. The TV was bigger, and flat screen now. But other than that we were even sitting on the same fluffy-ass couch. After a while Micky came down and joined us. We talked some more about “the good old days” until it got a little later. Jackie asked if we would give her a ride home so we jumped in my car and dropped her off. Still the same place. She lived with her parents. Well, her dad. Her mom passed when Jackie was a teenager. Her dad kinda fell apart. Jackie had to take care of her younger sister and younger brother a lot. To be honest we all helped take care of those little brats sometimes. I waited til I saw her get through the front door before I drove off. Something my mom always told me to do. Make sure they aren’t locked out or don’t get snagged right at the door haha. We drove back to Micky’s place and he told me to wait in the car and he’d be right back. He went up to his place for a couple minutes and came down. Then he told me to go back to the Silo. I asked him why I couldn’t just stay with him at his place. “Just trust me, man. Drive.”

We got to the Silo a few minutes later. It’s closer to our hometown than it is to Vermillion. Wasn’t hard to find in the dark with Micky’s help. He could find this place blindfolded. I parked in the same place I parked last time. In pretty decent tree cover. I don’t think you could see it without driving into the yard. We get out and he throws me a flashlight. That’s what he had grabbed when he went upstairs. He turns it on and starts walking towards the old house. The moon was pretty bright so it wasn’t that dark out. I asked him where we were going but he just said to follow. I didn’t really have a choice so I did. We get to the old beat down house and he takes me through a couple missing doors to the basement stairway. He starts walking down them. I wait at the top and I tell him I don’t know if I want to follow him into a dark basement at midnight. He reminded me what he said about trusting him earlier. He’s right. I don’t have anyone else to trust right now with all that’s going on. I walked down the stairs. And then BLAM Micky knocks me out with a crowbar. Hahaha. Nah I’m just kidding. He was in the corner. STANDING THERE LIKE THE GUY IN BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. Hahaha nah I’m just kidding again. Sorry it’s late right now and I’m losing focus. I was standing in the middle of the basement with my flashlight on Micky following where he was going. “You notice anything weird about this place, Glanzer?” I panned my flashlight around the room while I turned around half expecting to see a ghost or something. I said it looked like a normal old basement to me. I put the flashlight to his face. He was smiling. “Exactly.” He moved his flashlight to the handle of the door he was standing at. Which I now realized was probably the only door in the house. He grabbed the handle and opened the door. And there stood Jackie.

Day 29 of Trump Presidency Election.

I would tell you what went through my head when I saw Jackie standing in that doorway but I didn’t even get a chance to think anything before she said, “I wish it wasn’t so dark so I could see the stupid look on your face right now.” Micky stepped passed her while I stood there trying to figure out what the fuck was happening. She motioned me forward. Turned around and walked back into the darkness. When I entered the room it lit up. When I called the Silo a bunker I was being very generous with the word. But I now stood in a bunker. Micky shut the door behind me and clicked the keypad on the back. Yeah, that’s right. This old ass door had a keypad on it. I noticed the warmth. This place was heated? It was one room. Probably 16 feet wide and 40 feet back. I saw a set of 3 bunk beds in the back of the room. I looked at Micky, who was now sitting at a table across from Jackie. “You had beds 30 feet from me and you made me sleep on the fucking cold ground for 2 days?!” Micky just looked at me and said “Shit”. Then he reached into his pocket. Grabbed a $20 bill and gave it to Jackie. “Now what the fuck was that all about?” I said. I was pretty fuckin’ heated. It was cold the last two nights. “Jackie bet that the first thing you were gonna say when you saw this place was why I let you sleep in the cold.” I asked him what he bet. “That you’d ask how the hell Jackie got here.” He was right. That was the first thing I thought. It’s just not the first thing I mentioned out loud. “We had to make sure it was okay to show you this. Sorry about those last few nights. That’s why I brought the beer!” Jackie asked me if the extra blanket was enough. “That was you?” I asked. “Yeah. I was here that night. I saw you there and thought you might be cold. But I didn’t want to wake you because seeing me there out of nowhere like that might have been hard to explain.” I actually completely understood. I can imagine how absolutely confused I would have been had I woke up to Jackie sitting there. Micky asked me to sit down and said we needed to talk. He then explained that him, Jackie and a few other people were part of a secret resistance movement and they wanted me to be part of it. “You’re fucking kidding me.” How clichéd right? I asked him what they were resisting against. “We’re…not exactly sure actually.” I asked him what he meant. “Well you know how you told me that story about the wig and it not being in your hand after you pulled it off? We know all about that. It’s not a ‘Trump Wig’ like you said but we’re not really sure what it is. We didn’t know that you could take them off like that so thanks for figuring that out. I can’t see them, none of the other guys can either. Jackie can.” I glanced at her. She made eye contact. “I guess it’s just you two. That we know about.” Micky continued. “Jackie says she sees ‘em on just about everyone nowadays. Said it’s gotten worse since you went into hiding.” I didn’t know what to say or even what questions to ask. I was just trying to wrap my head around all of this. There really wasn’t actually anything in my hand? They aren’t wigs? Jackie started, “Look. This is kinda a lot to process and it’s been a long day. How about we all bunk up and get some rest. We have all day tomorrow for you to ask questions.” Micky agreed. So did I honestly. I was tired. I was emotionally beat. The prospect of a warm bed was very appealing to me in that moment. I decided to take the offer and we all picked a bottom bunk and crashed for the night. That was Sunday night. It’s Wednesday night now. It’s gonna be the 4th night I’ll be staying in this place. Nothing has really been going on. We’ve basically just been waiting around the last few days. I’ve been trying to decide whether or not to join this endeavor. Micky talks on a satellite phone a lot. Seems like he’s getting instructions, or giving them. He comes and go. They showed me a place they park that’s so hard to see I never even noticed his car sitting there. Me and Jackie have just been hanging out. Reading to pass the time. They have a bunch of books about military tactics, survival skills, and a bunch of useful shit. We played some cards too. She showed me around and explained how everything worked. I haven’t really asked any more questions. I’m thinking about just going home. I’m not cut out for this “revolutionary” life. It’s been three days. If I don’t get back to work I won’t have a job to go back to. I’ll decide tomorrow. These beds aren’t bad actually. I’ve been sleeping really well. I’ll let you know what happens. Goodnight.

Day 30 of Trump Presidency Election. (Finale)

Tomorrow will mark a week that I’ve been out here. I’m still not really sure what I should do. We’ve been at the Silo now since Sunday night. We really haven’t done much of anything. Is this all it would be? Just chilling out and being “prepared” for something? I still had so many questions and was finally ready to talk to Micky about everything. We talked for probably 4 hours. I’ll run down the important parts about what he said. Awhile back Micky had met some people online like I mentioned earlier. Now usually he was on survivalist forums and stuff like that but these guys were way more legit. Like stockpiling for an alien invasion kinda people. Making makeshift bombs and EMPs out of toys and stuff. Really hardcore “end of the world” kinda people. Digging out the Old Silo and setting up shop in there was what Micky did on his own before he met these people. They gave him the idea for the bunker. Told him how to make it out of buried shipping crates. Told him how to hide it. That house is actually in pretty good shape just made to look really shitty and that door and wall are reinforced so they are pretty much impossible to open. He even said that they have motion sensors set up around the place, that’s how Jackie knew I had shown up that night. There’s a table that has a couple laptops on it and he said those have access to some wireless security cameras around the place that he has set up. He said he bought most of what he needed off Amazon. The only thing that was hard to get were the shipping containers, found those on Craigslist. And Youtube was a great tool to learn how to do a bunch of different things. Eventually some of the guys on the site started talking about how people were changing. That there was something wrong with their heads. They started posting pictures of people and claimed that they was something there. He thought they were just full of shit and some of the other guys thought it was a joke or maybe they were on acid or something. But they didn’t stop. Then people started leaving the chat group. Micky stayed even though he didn’t believe them because they had become alright friends. At that point there were 4 other people in the group other than Micky. 2 of which were still claiming that people were different. The remaining people started talking about creating a resistance against whatever was happening. Micky didn’t think much of it. He confessed the idea of being a revolutionary even against something imaginary was appealing to him…but then he saw my posts. He said when he read what I was seeing, it was almost like he knew what they were saying was true. Because he couldn’t believe that I would ever fall for something like that if it weren’t true. He went to his group and asked if the things on their head kinda looked like Trump’s hair. They both responded with something along the lines of. “Now that you mention it yeah I could kinda see that. Does that mean you see them too?” It was at that point Micky said he wanted to be a part of their “revolution”. That’s also when he decided to reach out to me. In the time since then he’s been working with the other guys. Trying to recruit people. Jackie was looking to get away from her dad’s house now that her sisters were graduated so when Micky finished up the bunker she just adopted it as her home. They had stayed close still being at home and all. Micky found out Jackie could see the “wigs” after she saw a print out of one of the pictures the guys had sent. She had asked about what was on his head. Micky figured not everyone could see them for some reason. He said he thinks he’s gotten adept to “sensing” them though. There’s been times when he has thought something was wrong or off about someone and Jackie confirmed it. He said that’s why he freaked out at my place and I confirmed to him that there was one in the closet at that time. He smiled when I said that, I think he wishes he could see them. He said that he had recruited a couple of our old buddies into their little group. That they weren’t around because they had gone off to meet with some of the other people to make some connections. Those are the calls he’s been making on the phone. That’s why it felt like sometimes he was giving the orders and sometimes taking them. He said that they were serious about this. They all were. That whatever was going on was bigger than any of us, we just didn’t understand it all yet. That was pretty much all of the important stuff. He asked again if I wanted to be a part of this because he only wants me to be if it’s something I’d really believe in. I told him I needed a little more time to think about it. So here I am. Sitting on one of the folding chairs in the Silo. I wanted to be alone. I took a walk around the world to ease my troubled mind. Hahaha. Jokes. I was walking around the woods in the back. Trying to clear my head. Thinking about it. I just…I don’t think I can do it. I sit at a computer desk all day writing code. I’m a little out of shape. I lack pretty much any skill that could benefit anyone in an apocalypse situation. When I’m cold I just want to die. Without the internet or electricity I’m basically worthless. I’m not a fighter or a revolutionary. I fear change. I hate making decisions. I’m not a soldier. I need to go tell him that.
I walked back down the stairs to the Silo. Knocked on the door. I still wasn’t sure how to open it. Micky let me in and I sat in the chair next to Jackie. Micky took the seat across from me. “So?” he asked. “Make your decision?” I sensed a bit of sadness in his voice. I think he could tell from my face what I was about to say. “Look, man. I appreciate you reaching out to me. Giving me a place to stay while I figure this stuff out. Telling me what’s going on. Trusting me. I really do appreciate all of this. I just…I don’t think I can do it, Micky. This isn’t me anymore. Maybe high school me. It really has been good seeing everyone but I think that I should just go home. Figure out what went on at my house. Call the cops if I have to. And just go to work and pretend nothing happened. I have a degree, a job. I have a career. I have a life. I can’t throw it all away on something so crazy.” Jackie jumped up from her seat. “Throw it away? Is that what it would be to you? We’re crazy? You leave here and go to college and then you’re too good for us? News flash. It’s not like it was our dream to stay here. Micky had his dad’s business. I had my sisters. We took care of family. You know. The thing you used to say we were? Micky can’t even see these things and he believes in them. You can see them, Nathan. How does that not mean anything to you?” She paused for a moment to catch her breath. “I’m sorry…Jackie.” I pleaded quietly, stepping towards her…the last thing I wanted in the world was to disappoint her…again. She kept the distance between us the same. ”You know what. Go on. You left us before. I can’t believe we thought you wouldn’t do it again. Whatever this is? Whatever good or bad comes of it? We’ll figure it out on our own. We don’t need you. We haven’t for the last 6 years and we did just fine.” She walked to the back of the room. Faced away from us. I was watching her walk away just like when we were 18 and I told her I was leaving for college. “Glanzer.” Micky said at a volume a little above speaking voice to catch my attention. I looked at him. “Nathan…I am really sorry that you feel that you can’t help us. I do want you to know that I think you’re wrong. I also respect your decision to go back to your normal life. But…” He paused there. He grabbed the newspaper that had been in his back pocket and threw it on the table in front of me. “Unfortunately, brother, I don’t think that’s an option anymore.” I didn’t break eye contact with him when he said this. I think I was afraid to see. I looked down and rotated the paper to face me. There staring back at me, next to a picture of a yelling Donald Trump, was my Facebook profile picture. The headline: “BAR PATRON KILLED IN FREAK ATTACK: President-Elect Trump calls for manhunt of Nathan Glanzer on Twitter.”

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