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I can’t remember the first video game I ever played. It’s between a few things, but I’m not sure on the timeline. It was most likely at my Grandma’s house. My brothers and I would ask our Uncle to hook up the Sega Genesis whenever we’d visit. We’d play that while the adults talked. We never did beat Sonic 2 back then but years later I got it done on a Gamecube remake. There were also PC games that my other Uncle had set up for us. Those could have come first. Old MS Dos stuff. Had to learn the DOS prompt to run them. Mahjong, Solitaire, Captain Bible. I remember playing Super Mario 3, Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario RPG, and other staples on SNES at a friend’s house. Maybe that came first?

N64 was the first system my family owned. I remember going crazy that Christmas. Star Fox, Star Wars Rogue Squadron, Jet Force Gemini, Mario 64. These were the games that really instilled the love of games in me. I was probably 6.

Next up came the PlayStation. My older brother had saved up and bought one. PlayStation introduced me to a new brand of game that quickly became one of my favorites: RPGs. Final Fantasy 7/8/9 were the greatest experience. I learned I loved the grind of leveling up, learning new abilities, and watching incredible stories unfold with even more incredible characters. When I played Final Fantasy X on PS2 years later it cemented those feelings. It’s easily my favorite RPG, if not favorite game ever.

Somewhere in there I got a GBA and discovered my love for Tactics games. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Fire Emblem, Advance Wars. I loved building up characters and being the tactician on the field.

Wii taught me that motion controls and VR are fun but would probably never be practical. Our Wii was also the first time I really played Guitar Hero, which I quickly fell in love with.

Playing my brother’s Xbox 360 when he came back from college showed me my first multiplayer experience with Call of Duty Modern Warfare. By the end of the break I was finishing MVP almost every game. This love of competing and shooting baddies is quenched now by the Destiny Franchise.

Growing up my father would help us collect basketball and baseball cards. The thrill of opening packs to get the coveted rookie cards! This changed to Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh as well. This love bleeds over into games like South Park Phone Destroyer, Hearthstone, and Hero Academy 2. There’s just something special about opening packs of cards.

So that’s a bit of my gaming background. Since then I’ve played countless games on various systems. I have a Steam Library of over 800 games and an Xbox Live library of over 100.

My love for games is only rivaled by my love of meeting new people and having great conversations. Youtube allows me to be creative and practice video editing which is always something I wanted to learn how to do. Twitch allows me to be myself and meet incredible people. I hope that you are one of them. 🙂

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