Walking Dead – Season 2 Choices


With the E3 talk about The Walking Dead Michonne (Which you will need to own at least Episode 1 of Season 2 to be able to play) and Season 3 it made me finally finish off the last episode and be able to share my Walking Dead: Season 2 choices. I faced some of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made in a video game, and maybe choked back a few tears. This season was very well done and makes me look forward to the next installments and other Telltale games in my library.

Keep in mind that these will make a lot more sense if you played the game yourself and experienced all these choices first hand. If you haven’t then SPOILER ALERT!! It’s always fun to compare choices between people and hear their explanation why they felt how they did. Feel free to leave a comment with some of your decisions and reasoning.

If you missed the last one, check out my choices for Season 1.

Episode 1

Season 2 - Ep 1

  • I figured there wasn’t anything I could do that would get Klem killed. So I would have nothing to lose by trying to help her. Maybe I could have saved her! But I figured she was fucked either way, classic Telltale. At least in this one they made the final choices much more meaningful.
  • I left that fucking dog to rot and die a slow painful death. I was so mad at it. I gave the little fucker food first. Then when I went to eat some myself he attacked me. So when he was writhing and impaled I gladly let him sit there. Little bitch.
  • This didn’t seem like one of the decisions that would show up at the end here but I just told Nick that he was out of line when he almost shot me when they thought I had been bitten. Because…well…he was.
  • Maybe I’m just a survivalist, but I didn’t give him any water. He was obviously going to die, mutha fucka got shot! Why would I give water to that dude? Maybe if he didn’t have a hole in his chest the size of my first car I would have considered.
  • I saw that Pete had already been bitten so why would I have run towards him? Even if I would have saved him we would have had to kill him and no one wants that on their conscious. And where does Nick get off yelling at me for not trying to help Pete. Like, I’m a fucking child, what did you expect me to be able to do?

Episode 2

Season 2 - Ep 2

  • Might be the first time I’ve ever seen a 50/50 split. I took the blame because Sarah looks like a little pussy and I can handle a little discourse.
  • I had NO idea Kenny was going to be in this episode and I was so excited to see him. I was stoked! I think I even yelled a little. My new friends are cool and all, and I really like Nick, but Kenny is an OG so I had to sit by him.
  • I couldn’t not tell him that it was our fault. It was an understandable mistake, and not everyone’s fault. I knew Walter probably figured it out by then because of the knife so hopefully confessing would make him take it easy on us.
  • I vouched for Nick because people made mistakes and we can’t be killing each other in situations like this. It’s not good for anyone. Luckily because I confessed and vouched for him he stayed alive. That happens to be the only combination to keep him alive so I’m pretty proud of my choice there.
  • I went for Kenny and Luke because I think they could help us out and giving up really wouldn’t have helped. Choosing that saves Alvin but unfortunately Walter dies either way. Good thing we patched things up there right? We would have lost Walter, Alvin, and Nick in this episode if we didn’t play our cards right.

Episode 3

Season 2 - Ep 3

  • This was another one that I didn’t think would be a big choice. I didn’t think I would not get my work done if I helped her. It didn’t see like that hard of a task and one person could have done it easily by themselves.
  • I’m not really sure why I trusted Bonnie after she ratted us out before but she seemed deeply upset with having to do that and what happened because of it. She also gave off a vibe that she didn’t like the way Carver ran things so maybe she would be down with a mutiny. Guess I was right since she helped us from then on.
  • I thought that if I confessed nothing would happen. What could he really do to a child? He’s not that fucked up. Then Kenny had to ruin it and get the shit beat out of him.
  • Why would there even be another option? Fuck that guy.
  • It was pretty well known in this zombie universe that amputation could stop someone from turning if they didn’t die. So I thought, why not? It was better that she could die in Kenny’s arms somewhere safe away from the zombies than turn into a zombie right there and force Kenny to leave her behind (which knowing him he might not have done).

Episode 4

Season 2 - Ep 4

  • Sarah was my friend and she depended on me. I was the bad ass girl that was everything Sarah wanted to be but couldn’t be because, let’s face it, she was a pussy. I had to save her, that was my job.
  • Jane would have stolen the pills either way, I thought maybe Clem would be a little more tactful than Jane.
  • Season 1 was full of times when Clem jumped into some place small and saved the day. I thought maybe this would be the same…they tricked me!
  • Why is this a big decision?
  • There’s no other decision there. She was holding the baby. When she turned that baby would have no longer been alive. And you can’t kill a baby in a video game, that’s just bad juju.

Episode 5

Season 2 - Ep 5

  • What kind of selfish prick wouldn’t go and save a baby from a gun fight?
  • This was another case of “I probably won’t die from this” I was actually worried the most that if I wouldn’t have gone after him he would have survived and I would have felt bad for trying to save him but unfortunately he dies either way. Which is sad because I loved him as a character and he held the group together.
  • Kenny was going a little crazy. But I couldn’t just leave him and the baby.
  • I cannot believe that Jane did something like that. That’s fucked up. Kenny was pretty fucked up, but rightfully so. But what Jane did was absolutely psychotic so I didn’t hold it against Kenny for killing her. But these decisions were hard. In the thick of it I almost chose Jane over Kenny but I know Kenny has made all his decisions for the people he cares about, Jane has been selfish. When it came down to it Kenny would choose to help me and the baby over his own life. Jane would never do that. I have a better chance with Kenny. And every reaction Kenny has had I could completely understand and see myself acting the same way.


So the one change that Telltale made in this game was making your decisions matter more. Losing Nick or Alvin early changes quite a few interactions moving on and there are completely different endings. I’ll let you discover those on your own either by playing them or checking them out from other people. I’m sure everyone thinks this but my ending was definitely the best option.

I ended up with AJ alone at Wellington. Kenny had to leave us there because there wasn’t enough space for him. But he left with supplies and he could potentially come back from there if they continue the series. This is really the best. Kenny redeems his crazy behavior by getting the people he cares about to safety. Which is all he’s ever wanted. I almost chose to leave with him but this was almost the best choice for him because he wants to atone for his crazy behavior. He can survive. He has until now. We will see him again.

Thanks for reading and if you haven’t played yet pick it up when you see it on sale sometime! It’s worth your time if you enjoy games like this. 🙂 If you have played leave a comment with your choices!

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