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Gone Girl (2014)

I’m writing this as I watch the movie. So it’s a bit of a play by play. It won’t be well written. It will be staccato and disjointed. But hey, it’ll be fun. 🙂 Spoiler alerts incoming.

Guys. I’m finally watching Gone Girl. I’m a pretty big fan of Ben Affleck. I had heard great things about the movie but never got around to watching it. It’s like 2 and a half hours long so it was a little daunting to get that much time free to watch it. Although there are parallels to the Scott Peterson case, the author said that the story wasn’t really based on it but she did use the way the media reacted in real life to model the way the media reacts in the book / movie.

I was really appalled at how people were hating on Nick. From what I could tell he was reacting like anyone would. But everyone was hating on him and acting like he was the worst person ever. Nitpicking everything. Looking too far into something as small as an inopportune smile. The media spun everything against him which was…pretty typical I guess. That’s what’s to be expected from the media, and which is probably why the author used the real case to get insight into how media would react. I was pretty impressed with how the media reacted in the movie, it seemed spot on for what those douches would pull to make a sad story of a lost wife into a fucking murder mystery.

I liked the flashbacks and the way they did the background. With the journal narrating what’s going on. I wanted so much to like Nick a lot. I wanted to believe that he was the victim in the whole thing. But then his college girlfriend affair walks in. The mother fucker wanted a divorce. Maybe he did it? Once the media or someone finds out about the affair, then EVERYONE is going to think he did it. The flashbacks slowly show that he wasn’t as good a guy as we thought and that Amy was “frightened of him”. I’m not even half way through the movie at this point and I feel like there are going to be many more twists and turns to come. Is Nick really this bad of a guy?! There’s got to be something more going on here. They are playing it out to make him seem WAY too bad. It’s too perfect. At this point I hate the guy…and to me that seems way too convenient. I love that he’s a cat person though. Luminol lit up the kitchen…did he fucking do it? At this point I really don’t know…the credit card debt…the life insurance policy…him not knowing she was pregnant…Ohh boy. What the hell is going on?!

That cat is such a G!

Now he’s lying about wanting a kid. Or are the flashbacks what is lying? How much can we trust the flashbacks? He’s saying he wanted kids, but she didn’t. But in the flashback she wanted the kid and he didn’t. Who can we trust at this point? Amy thought Nick was going to kill her, at least that’s what the flashback journal said. The cops just found her journal…But if Nick killed her, why would he still be chasing after the clues? I KNEW IT. I knew there would be a twist! That’s why she was always reading. She’s framing him. So the back story was a lie! Wow. She really is brilliant. She set everything up just perfectly. I’m really impressed. I love movies like this. Where there’s a great explanation to what’s going on. The diary was a nice touch. I knew it couldn’t be trusted.

So Nick was telling the truth. Nick was the good guy this whole time. Aside from the cheating of course. Amy must have found out so that’s why she’s doing this. But there’s still an hour left! So is Nick going to be able to figure it all out?! Amy said she’s going to kill herself in the water so that they find her body and think Nick dumped the body. Damn, this girl is crazy. Psychopath for real. She fucking hit herself in the head with a hammer. Haha. Alright Nick figured it out! He was going to ask her for a divorce right before she did all this. She might have known that, so she played him like a fuckin’ fiddle. She’s got a whole fuckin’ schedule figured out on how to pull this off. This is like textbook psychopathy, and I’m actually lovin’ it. Can’t blame her too much though I guess, I mean she is psychotic, but I guess finding out your “Soulmate” is cheating on you would be pretty traumatic. But come on Nick. You can’t use the same move on two different girls! You silly bastard.

Learning about the exes is pretty cool. She has a history of fuckin’ with guys, like really fuckin’ with them. This is good for Nick. If he starts getting these people on the stand and their stories will be really good for his case. Oh man. The media. Suggesting that he’s banging his twin sister. Jesus Christ. Ya know I don’t remember the Scott Peterson media coverage that much. Were they this harsh the whole time? Granted he probably did do it. But still. She just took off the “Kill Self” post-it on her calender. Does that mean she’s not going to do it? Maybe she thinks she can get a conviction based on the media coverage alone and they won’t need a body.

OH SHIT IT’S NPH! Andddd he’s gone. Haha. That was quick.

This journal is really going to fuck with his case. But I feel like this detective bitch thinks something is fishy. I’m rooting for her to be smart and figure this out for him! So he knows that there should have been something at the father’s house. And he has NO idea. So this journal, depending on how Ms. Detective interprets it could be the death of him. Literally. Because Missouri has the death penalty. Six Days Gone at this point. I’m glad he got this bad ass lawyer on his side. Karma is a bitch! What are you going to do now that you have no money, ho? Oh boy. She called NPH. And she’s lying to him. What a slutter cunt.

Oh no. Andie came out and told everyone about the affair before Nick had the chance to. HE WAS GOING TO TELL EVERYONE ABOUT IT! This interview is going to be intense. And it’s with Dr. House’s ex-wife. She’s hot for an older lady. You can do it Nick! Oh those assholes. They didn’t even show the interview. 🙁 NPH is kinda a creepy little bastard. Love his acting. I bet she kills him. What the hell does this guy do? His lake house is like fuckin’ Minority Report. Oh she’s definitely going to kill him. I hope they show his interview with her watching. THEY ARE SHOWING IT! ALRIGHT! I’m excited. Can you tell? Great job Nick. Just like you said. All you had to do was reach out to one person. I think you reached out to her! “Taken myself to the woodshed.” Nicely done Nick. Now Amy knows that Nick knows that she’s framing him. (At least I think so) Ohhh boy. This just got a little bit more interesting. She’s totally going to kill NPH.

You dumb detective bitch. Why couldn’t you figure it out? This is all way too convenient for you. No investigation is ever that cut and dry! I really hate that detective. Like. For real.

I think this is it. This is where she kills him. ORR maybe. Frames him for rape and kidnapping. God damn it she’s crazy. So she’s going to frame NPH for kidnapping her and such. And then be able to come back to Nick and blame NPH for kidnapping her? Or maybe Amy doesn’t know that Nick knows she tried to frame him? So Amy thought Nick’s confession of his love for her on TV was legit? She raped herself with a wine bottle (to show vaginal trauma)…this girl is on another level of crazy haha. Smart. But still insane. Don’t do it NPH. All she needs is your semen and you’re fucked. Well…you’re fucked.

Oh hey. She killed him. Called it?

She shows up to her house covered in blood…this is going to make one helluva news story. “You fucking bitch”. Is she still covered in blood at the hospital? She didn’t get cleaned off? Called it. She’s going to blame NPH for the kidnapping and such. She’s such a liar haha. Nick is going to fuck her day up. She’s smart. But at this point, I think Nick is going to win. Not sure how he’s going to pull it off. She’s still covered in NPH’s blood. Haha. Okay so she did know he wasn’t for real. But she knew coming back would save him, and she did it.

Nicky boy you’re in a pickle. She’s right. You can’t leave her after all of this…what are you going to do? Lock yourself in a room with the cat. Good call. Oh look at that, the media is all on their dicks again. Nick you can do it. Figure out a way to get this psycho! 7 weeks and you still haven’t figured it out?! Damn it Nick. You’re failing me. Ugh.


She used his old sperm sample from the clinic to get pregnant. Shit she was thinking ahead. Now Nick can’t leave because of the kid…oh boy. I bet his sister kills her now.

NICK YOU PUSSY! Oh come on. Don’t end it like that. Fuckin’ Nick.

Well. All in all. I liked the movie. Enough twists and turns to keep you guessing (although I guessed right most of the time). That ending though. Not very satisfying but I guess the most realistic. I’d definitely suggest watching this movie if you haven’t already. Even though you kinda just watched it with me. 🙂



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