Post Oscars….Post – Who Won?

Post Oscar


Well that was a helluva show. Neil Patrick Harris was spot on the entire time. His jokes were great, his bits were funny. 🙂 The show was so good. Jack Black. The performances were fantastic. The Glory performance was amazing. John Legend’s voice is one of my favorite male voices right now. Lady Gaga does The Sound of Music? That was pretty epic. Hugging Julie Andrews afterwards, touching. NPH’s predictions were great. Welcome to my Post Oscars Post. 🙂

So how did I do?

Supporting Actor – J. K. Simmons

Definitely the easiest choice of the night. Got this one.

Costume – The Grand Budapest Hotel

I was going between Grand Budapest Hotel and Maleficent for this one. So I kinda got it right.

Makeup – The Grand Budapest Hotel

I thought Guardians of the Galaxy was going to win this one. Because, ya know, there were people that were completely green and pink. But guess I can’t get ’em all right.

Sound Mixing – Whiplash

Didn’t have a guess on this one, but wanted Whiplash to win. I want that movie to get as much recognition as possible because it was my favorite of all the Best Picture nominees.

Sound Editing – American Sniper

Didn’t really think about this category. This was definitely deserved though. I want this movie to get a lot of recognition because it really was beautiful.

Supporting Actress – Patricia Arquette

Glad for this one. Boyhood was awesome and she deserved this one. I was between Patricia and Emma on this one so again, kinda right.

Best Animated – Big Hero 6

Nailed this one. Although I would have been okay if How to Train Your Dragon 2 won, because I really enjoyed that movie.

Cinematography – Birdman

Got this one right. It was a no brainer. The shots were brilliant.

Editing – Whiplash

I didn’t even think about this category. Again, glad Whiplash won. If you haven’t seen it, you have to go see it. Seriously, watch it.

Original Song – Glory

Glory won the Golden Globe in this category as well. I figured they might win, but I thought maybe they would give it to “Everything Is Awesome” since they really did snub The Lego Movie for Best Animated Movie. Kudos to Common and John Legend though, their performance was amazing and the song is well deserving.

Score – The Grand Budapest Hotel

I definitely thought The Imitation Game or The Theory of Everything should have gotten the nod for this one. The music in that really set the tone and added so much drama. I’ll admit though, the music in Grand Budapest Hotel was definitely great. Very frantic.

Original Screenplay – Birdman

I agree with this one. Would have been cool to see Nightcrawler win something because that movie was pretty awesome. Birdman really was a great piece of original work though.

Adapted Screenplay – The Imitation Game

I really wanted The Imitation Game to win for this one. Glad that it happened. Alan Turing is one of my heroes, so I’m glad his life is getting recognition.

Best Director – Birdman

Boyhood should have won this one in my opinion. 12 years of shooting. Was truly an achievement. However, Birdman, with its continuous shooting, and amazing dialogue and monologues and direction. It was definitely deserving.

Best Actor – Eddie Redmayne

I loved Cumberbatch’s performance and Keaton was on another level in my opinion. This is where I feel weird, because Keaton was acting an original character. While Redmayne was just depicting someone. So who is really a better actor? I guess I’m not sure. Redmayne’s performance really was amazing though. It really made me feel like I was watching Stephen Hawking. So kudos to him.

Best Actress – Julianne Moore

I only saw two of these performances. So I can’t have too much of a say in this one. I’ll have to check out Still Alice to see Julianne Moore’s performance.

Best Picture – Birdman

Had this one spot on. The movie really was a triumph in directing, cinematography, and a movie in general. So many great performances.

Best Speeches

Graham Moore. Alan Turing wasn’t able to stand on that stage with him and it wasn’t fair. He was taken from us too soon. We’re all glad that you didn’t get taken from us either Graham. Powerful speech. “Stay weird. Stay different.”

J.K. Simmons. “Call your mom”. Great speech.

So all in all I did pretty good. Can’t wait for next year! Here’s to another great year of great movies. See you next year my fellow moviephiles. 🙂

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