Happy New Year – 2015

Another year in the books. Congratulations to all of us who didn’t think they’d make it another one. Consider my first and only New Year’s Resolution to be starting this blog. This is officially my first blog post ever. And you’re reading it. I don’t know who should feel more special, me or you. It’s pretty exciting. And a little scary. I am honestly surprised at how nervous I am to start this bitch up. I’ve always written, but I’ve never really done it in a place where (potentially) a lot of people could see it. And it’s a little nerve-racking. But I decided to just go for it. To hell with what other people think right?

I was thinking about what I could do for a New Year’s post. I could do the cliche “My New Year’s Resolutions” post but no one really cares about other people’s resolutions do they? Let’s be honest. Do you really care that your friend’s girlfriend is going to be gluten free this year? If anything it’s just another reason to hate her. If someone posts their resolutions on social media or something it’s just them vying for attention. “Look at me, I’m going to be healthy.” “I’m going to write a book.” “I’m going to stop being such a slut.” Those things have nothing to do with anyone but that person(I guess the slut one could be argued differently), so telling anyone your resolutions is just for show. The only thing I would want to know is if one of my friend’s resolutions was to work out more, or eat healthier. Because then I would know to stay away from them for a couple weeks until they stop trying to kid themselves and join me for a 3am McDonald’s run after a night of drinking.

Not to mention the whole idea of it is astoundingly idiotic. If someone has a real resolution, something that they really care about and want to change. Then they wouldn’t need to wait until it’s a new year to change it. If someone is a smoker and “wants” to quit. But they need to have the pretext of it being a New Year’s resolution to actually start trying then they aren’t going to last very long. They’ll be sneaking smokes by the 10th because all their friends know they are trying to quit. And they’ll be doing it in the open again in February when everyone else gave up on their resolutions too and won’t hold it against them.

How often has a New Year’s Resolution actually stuck and became a habit for someone? Seriously I want to know. Leave a comment or something, has it ever worked for you? How far did you usually get? ONCE in my life has something I had as a resolution carry over into my life longer than a few weeks. I decided to stop drinking pop my Sophomore year of high school. I think it just happened that this decision coincided with the new year so I just said it was a resolution. Instead of drinking pop I drank Dasani bottled water. I’m not really sure why I didn’t just drink tap water. I wasn’t saving money. I was still destroying Earth one recyclable bottle at a time. I was just replacing what Coke was selling me. To this day I still don’t drink pop anymore. I’ll still drink it rarely if it’s the only option, but most of the time I’ll just get a glass of water. I can’t remember the last time I actually purchased any type of soda. Unless there was whiskey or rum in it as well. I suppose I get it on the rare occasion I eat fast food. But I don’t eat fast food much anymore. That was a conscious fiscal and health related choice that I made in like…May? I’ve caved a few drunken nights when McDonald’s is the only place to get food, or when it’s just more convenient to swing through a drive through. I’ve had fast food probably less than 5 times since I made that choice. Which is honestly pretty impressive.

I also thought that maybe I could list off everything that I accomplished in 2014 as a post. And then if I’m still doing this in a year I could do the same thing and see what kind of stuff I accomplish over the years…but then I actually started making up that list and I didn’t get very far. Don’t get me wrong…I’ve done a lot in 2014. But aside from graduating and starting my life as a full time salaried employee, there’s really nothing noteworthy. Which is kinda sad. Maybe my unofficial resolution will be to make sure that if I did make a list like that come 2016, that it would be full of interesting shit. I mean, if I’m going to be blogging I suppose I’ll have to start doing something that’s interesting enough to write about, huh?

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