Parmesan – We’ve Been Saying It Wrong

Looks like we’ve been saying Parmesan incorrect for a long time now. I had no idea this was how you actually said it. Check out the link below and then the audio pronunciation.

Parmesan (cheese)


Seems like they fixed it and it does in fact say Parmesan now. For those of you that are reading this after that fact it used to say “Philadelphia”. Which was pretty hilarious.

This little glitch, or maybe Easter Egg, makes me think. Was this intentional? Or maybe an accident caused my a mistaken link in the code or something. Maybe there were other words that also had the wrong sounds matched to them. I went to “Philadelphia” to see if it said “Parmesan” instead but no luck. So was this a legitimate mistake, or maybe someone in the office thought, “I’ll put the wrong .wav file in. No one will ever notice. (Evil Chuckle)”. But it’s the internet. And people find things all the time. I can just imagine the drunken conversation about how to properly say “Parmesan” being brought to a screeching halt when told a bunch of drunks how to say “Parmesan”. 😀

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