What Is Bill Gates Afraid Of?

What Scares You?

What type of end-of-the-world scenario scares you the most? Meteor collision? The Singularity? Aliens? Global Warming? Giant Volcano? Earthquake? Whichever scenario you have nightmares about, it’s pretty safe to say that the chances of any of those happening are pretty low. But is there a nightmare scenario that is a little more common than you’d think?

What is Bill Gates Afraid Of?

As a computer science guy, when Bill Gates talks, I tend to listen. In this short interview from Vox, he talks about what he is most afraid of as far as world changing events. He’s not worried about nuclear war, asteroids hitting the earth, or anything pretty unlikely like that. But something that he considers very likely. So what is Bill Gates afraid of? Check out the video below and find out.


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